Monday, June 20, 2011

My Friend Lives on

Its been over 6 mths since my friend, passed away. I have many fond memories of this young Christian putting a lot of us to shame. In her 40s and yet had so much more to life. God was in control. And my friend, Evelyn let us know that. It was weird and yet respectful at this year's Relay for Life. A Brick was made in memory of Evelyn. I had a chance to take some pictures and even lay the brick along the memorial that was there for all those that lost their lives due to cancer.

It would of been 2yrs (June 27) had my friend and her fiancee got married (They asked me to perform the ceremony but later postponed it due to her illness).

Evelyn taught a lot of us about life; but most importantly to depend on Jesus. I was just honoured that she called me a friend.

I miss my friend. But do know the impact of Jesus she had on others. In that she lives on.

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