Monday, June 20, 2011

Heaven is for Real ... And so is Hell.

I just finished reading the book "Heaven is for Real" a tale of a boy that during one of his surgeries had an out of body experience and supposedly went to heaven. Whether or not this is true ... it leaves one intrigued. The book itself just gives a history of the Burpo family and what lead to this Church leader's son at the age of 4 of them believing he went to heaven. From describing past events - the boy, Colton, never knew about and some of his strange sayings and behaviour.

Colton doesn't tell us anything new that we didn't know already that isn't in the Bible. What happens though, much like other books, (The Shack, Left Behind) is people get so caught up in this writing (The reading level is probably late elementary school with mostly dialogue) that they forget that alot of this is found in God's Word. They (People caught up in the fads of books like Heaven is for Real, The shack) almost put this on par as God's Word as if it were the gospel. (A Dangerous Road this reviewer says). This book can lead to some good discussions on - so what do you think about heaven? what about Hell? (Seems a lot of people talk about heaven, but forget about hell (You hear that Rob Bell?) The reality is that Heaven is for Real, and so is Hell ...means that we have a lot of Work to do for the Kingdom.

I don't know whether or not Colton Burpo went to heaven or not ... but do know that the first person I want to meet when I get there (like Colton) is Jesus. How about you?

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