Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Places to Search for a New Ministry.

So we're in the midst of possibly looking for our next staff member

Here are some sites to look at and to post at.
Especially for those in the Restoration Movement - Christian Churches/ Churches of Christ - instrumental.

1. Christian Church Search

2. Christian Church today

3. Christian Standard

4. Crosslink

5.Schools such as: Milligan


OCC and other schools like FCC, KCU, ACC, St.Louis etc.

6. Ministry Source

7. Church jobs

8. Pastor Finder

9. Church Staffing

10.Church Staff Search

11. Ministry Search

12. WCA

13. Pastor Positions

14. Finding our place - DOC

15 - youth positions: Youth Pastor
YS Job Bank

16. Others such as: http://www.churchjobs.net
http://www.christianjobs1.net/jobs/list ... outh1.html

Any others you would add?


Anonymous said...

Hey Fess,
Great list! However some of the links do not work and I was hoping that you fix them and add links to the schools listed.

ThX Mike/Mal

XMAN said...

correction for #1 -- http://christianchurchsearch.org/category/ministry-jobs/

Gerrard Fess said...

Thanks for the update. Trying to fix some links