Wednesday, May 25, 2011

That was Awkward!! Reaction to Camping's prediction.


Here is my initial reaction:

I. Camping did teach us that we need to be prepared.

II. It points out the fact we need to be Ready, Faithful, and a Witness.

III. No One knows when it it is going to happen - not Camping, not Tim LaHaye, not Sally Mae Fry from around the block.

IV. Personally - I'm a Pan-millennialist with A-millennium tendencies.

It also shows we need to teach more people about what the Word says about the End rather than what people say.

It gives an opportunity to tell people ... what do you think of Camping? the world ending? What about God? An opportunity to actually be Jesus, show Jesus to others until He comes again.

People have tried to predict the end. All I know is I, and my church family have alot of work to do as the Bride of Christ ...until the Groom comes.

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