Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Gave the Bible a Chance.

With Bible Illiteracy at an all time high; ( One Source
) its no wonder we've downplayed, marketed and topicified the Bible to death.

From things such as "Ten Easy Steps to dealing with divorce, sin, and Republican Jesus" it borders on ridiculous. We brand, the Bible, as an easy answer book rather than being about the Word of God. We have it have pat answers rather than the real answer. It points to God. It is a pursuit, not a one time thing.

The scarey thing is people thing they know what the Bible says; but it doesn't really say that.

Sermons run in 6 week series topics rather than expository sermons. We need to be people in the Word, and people of the Word. It is ok to have topical sermons but if that is all you are preaching ... I question it. The latest gimmick and "Mega-pastor" sermons online are not the fix. Have a plan. I have my own sermon series planned for the year. From what books I'll be preaching on to topics (Which can change though)

In order to do that we need to offer:

I. Bibles to People.

II. Different Versions.

III. Reading Programs.

IV. Opportunities to study the Word.

V. The tools to help enhance and to study their Bible.

In the context of the Congregation I serve ... I say:

1. Take out your Bibles. (WE offer anyone that needs a Bible to please take one ...we've had a few go home with people ...which we view as a good thing)

2. Test what I say .... with what the Bible Says. Don't believe everything people tell you ... see what it says in the Word. (Every preacher needs to say this but unfortunately does not)

3. We offer Bible Reading Programs throughout the year ... We do a 21 days reading of the last week of Jesus' life. Leading up to Easter. offers free reading programs.

4. We have opportunities to study the Word. From Bible School to Wednesday nite etc.

So what are you doing to combat Bible illiteracy?

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