Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top Teachers that have Influenced me.

I. Mr. Martindale. Never forget him showing us his glass eye.

II. Mr. Lees - imparted in me the love of reading. A life long leader is a reader.

III. Mr Skelding. Discipline. He was strict but loved life and teaching. Never forget going to his funeral.

IV. Mr. Nesbitt. The love of history.

V. Mr. and Mrs. Laidlaw - patience, and the love for learning.

VI. President Griffin. The love for the church and the Restoration Movement.

VII. Professors Yager and Steere. - the value of God's Word and doctrine.

VIII. Professor Roach. Communication. Doing what is right.

IX. John Aukerman - leadership. Being the leader God called you to be.

X. Chaplain Bower - compassion, healing, and dealing with end of life issues.

Honorable mention: MACU professors; those in the ministry ... and learning from others everyday.

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