Friday, April 22, 2011

Top Post Secondary Education Peers that Influenced me at MACU aka RBC

Here are some of my peers that influenced me during my college years.

I. My wife, Valerie. She is my supporter, encourager, and just loves me for being me.

II. Ben Dahmer (aka Uncle Ben) ... who taught me it was easy to have fun and not just be a clown.

III. Jay Hardison. Leadership.

IV. Davon Huss. - Davon knew about everything. He was a walking online wikipedia. Davon is a scholar.

V. Rick Robie. Taught me about balance. Balancing time with fun, and enjoying life. From Rush, Tetris, to other music styles and studies ... Rick was a busy guy from youth ministry at Geneva.

VI. Melvin Priddy. Taught me about doctrine. He always recited Acts 2:38. Its still there. The importance of the whole Bible and its value.

VII. Joseph Mounts. Joseph and Debbie taught me about appreciation for music and worship. So glad for their family.

VIII. Dewayne Woolard. Was my roomie, encourager, and his family was there to listen.

IX. John Slaydon. Boldness. John was bold. He didn't care what people thought about him. He loved people, God, and did what was best. I needed to be more bold at times like John.

X. Brian Bilodeau. Brian was a spiritual leader. (Still is). If there is ever an example of a godly man and someone I hope my own son, Brian, would be .. would be like him.

XI. Other RBC (MACU) students and alumni - from Jeff Bennett to Tony Wolf, Heather Mooney, Betty, Lori, Michelle (The class of 95) and Allen Byers and all the others was about mentorship. RBC (MACU) was family and still is. Everytime I hear Robert Palmer's song "Addicted to love" I think of the time that Michelle, Sharon and Jen all dressed up like those girls for Halloween. I think of Scotter and Dori when they commuted back and forth to Charlotte every weekend. I think of all the friends, mistakes I made. Most of all I think of how God used MACU to change me.

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