Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 13 Peers that Influenced me in High School.

When I was going to high school in the 80s. (We called in Secondary School BTW) I had a lot of different people speak into my life. Here is a glimpse and what characteristic they taught me.

I. Brent Fess (Hard Work) Seeing him work at the Home Hardware. Hanging in there in the midst of tragedy. (We both lost our fathers as young men) and being family (We are 3rd cousins and were in the same grade). Brent spoke volumes in a lot of people's lives.

II. Connie Miller. (sure I had a crush on her as a teen but also know she was a friend). One of the things I appreciate was when she was struggling - she still listened to a geeky, nerdy guy like myself. Her family was very supportive and kind to me.

III. Colleen Brotherton. Colleen was a godly young person. She was living the faith out. If there is anyone I wish my daughters could be like - would be like Colleen. Her family and sister, Carol ... just loved people and loved God.

IV. Tara Lindemann. I saw her as a friend, scholar. If I was just as half as smart as she was ....

V. Scott Murphy. He taught me patience. He was like a gentle giant. He kept me out of trouble. One time broke up a fight I had gotten myself in. Scott and Dale were friends who knew I was a jerk but put up with me anyways.

VI. Mark Butts and James Walton. They taught me tough skin. They sure did pick on me a lot. But boy was I mouthy, and a jerk at times. Deep down I knew these guys cared.

VII. Dwayne Cline. He taught me and showed me leadership. Probably one of the best Student Council presidents.

VIII. Rusty Tousenard. Rusty taught me friendship. Rusty and I had been friends for years (Ever since he knocked me down and gave me a reality check in Kindergartern ... when I was pretending I was the six Million Dollar man ..but that's another story). Rusty and I weren't close in high school but I know his home was always open. I would drop in and just hang out. I was glad Mrs. T's home was like that

IX. Laura Stevens. She encouraged me. Her dad gave me this book, A 1918 version of A History of the Christian Church by Williston Walker (which I still have).

X. Heather Tanner and Family. (Mentorship). I never forget when they planned to move to PEI. The Orange car, being welcome in their home.

XI. Marc Wilkinson - laughter. Marc and I had good times in youth group ... and the plays that Mrs. C. helped direct. I always thought she would almost lose her temper with us but was patient (Very patient) Marc and I had many laughs together.

XII. Daniel Cormode. (Imagination). Daniel and I worked together several years at OCA from counsellors to Kitchen staff. Never forget the "I'm washing the dishes all day" song we made up or the Killer Tuna casserolle, or the Dish Washing Machine turning into a Time machine, or the Rabid skunk ... good times.

XIII. You. From the love  support and prayers. From my brothers, Dale Martin, Dean Kindy ..David, Freemans, Wayne, Darlene ... and the many others ...(I think of the Stapletons and Donovans)

Who influenced you in high School?

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