Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Banning Games that are "at Risk"

Seems children's ministry and youth ministry is changing.

The recent news is that New York is considering a ban or rather a warning with camps paying a registration fee for such. How far until this becomes national and in the schools, camps, daycares, churches as well.

I know the book ..Better Safe than Sued ... but where'd some common sense go?

With any game comes risk. With any game there is potential of injury. No common sense thinking child care person should do a game without taking some precautions. Guess that means more waivers, forms, and money shelled out.

What do you think? Ban dodgeball? Tag? How far should we go? Ban chess because it could injury one's fingers? (You know slmaming that timer)


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EYouthWNY said...

Never liked dodgeball. As a non-athlete and rather clumsy youth the goal was to escape with as little damage as possible. As an adult I see ZERO value to the game. Add in the potential for injury (the crux of the game is throwing things at other people!) and I won't miss it at all. But then we don't play it at my camps.

We dropped capture the flag, at the request of our youth, because they didn't like what it was bringing out in their community.

any game needs to be run with careful consideration of conditions and supervision. Sadly that doesn't happen as often as it should. Instead people say "Hey, let's play a game" and end up with problems.

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