Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Does God Repent?

Recently I received the following question:

"There are few instances in scripture where God is REPENTANT about a decision He as made.

Gen 6; 1 Samuel 15: 34-35;
What are the implications of such statements; What does it say about God's character; His infallibility; Under what circumstances should God repent?
How do verses/statements such as these impact the doctrine/argument of Predestination?
What is the best (most appropriate) way to approach, understand n explain these passages."

Here is my answer:
I think the word is moreso "Regretted" not "Repented" Repent is seems to imply that you did something wrong and sinned, and need to have a change of heart for the right that leads to a change of action.

The Lord may of regretted a decision made but also because of His Own righteousness ... is able to still live up to his own Character of Holiness. Now dealing with pre-destination (Depending on what side of the Calvinistic bent you are own) it is a biblical concept. One just has to look at it how God sees it. I would differ from my Baptist friends in this ideal, but that is another conversation to be had. The most appropriate way is to explain these passages in their context and what the word cited there means.

Afterwards, I got thinking I don't have to have all the answers. God can change His mind, and doesn't have to answer me. Thus the position of Job God takes. Job asks God, Why? And in Job 38-41 .. God answers and basically says "I'm God, you're not ... I don't have to answer you ..." (Short GMAN Version) Do we, as the indivine understand the Divine? Can anyone understand the mind of God? We are to pursue, seek, trust in Him and thus my own conclusion to the matter.

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