Monday, March 21, 2011

Urgent! Igniting Your Passion a Passion for Christ: A Review.

Just got a copy of Joe Donahoe's latest book. In reading Joe's story and background ...there were times I was like Why? Why does this have to happen. Joe's story really reminded me of how God uses the messy, brokeness of this world to point people to well, Jesus.

Joe's own background, brokeness, one of abuse, hurt, and asking "Why?" helped heal wounds ... and continues to help point others to Jesus.

As I read the author's book, I'm reminded that God is in control. Words like forgivemess, redemption, grace, and a Holy God come to mind.

If you get a chance - get a copy of Joe's book. I'm glad he sent me this copy to review. Joe's story being a part of what God is doing in his life and serving Him.

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