Friday, March 18, 2011

Ignoring the "Please Use Revolving Door"

Our local hospital just opened and has a revolving door. I refuse to use it. They have two glass side doors we can use too. Though posted on those is "Please use Revolving door" (then why have the two other doors on each side then? And then a security guard chews me out for not using the revolving door. Really? There are bigger things in life to fight over than if I use a revolving door or not.

Funny thing is the Revolving door has been out of order 2 times this week. Here is why I refuse to use the revolving door.

1. Another local hospital asks people to use the side doors other than the revolving door.

2. I've seen people caught in them and hurt.

3. It moves too slow.

4. One time my wife and I had to call Code Blue ... for a elderly lady that collapsed and got caught in a revolving door, and nearly died. (Fortunately we got help and medical staff were nearby). See #2.

In the scope of eternity, does it really matter if I use a revolving door or not? Nope. I just personally choose not to use one. why is it people make a fuss over something so silly.

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Anonymous said...

The side doors are to satisfy code regulations for fire safety, and for people with mobility issues that may have difficulty using the revolving door.

Revolving doors are preferable as less air enters/leaves the building for each person moving through it, when compared to a swing door.

This reduces expenditures on space heating and cooling, reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are able-bodied and have no problem using the revolving door, you should use it.

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