Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Youth Minister Search Committee Process

Our Search committee has been working hard at several aspects in a search for our next staff member.

I know several churches that begin this - don't have a clue where to begin, or how to go about it.

One of the things we have already done is have a profile of the church, our job description and expectations of the person we hire. We have looked into where we would post our AD, and now am looking at what our Ad looks like and the process as a whole:

Here is what we have so far:

(One of the biggest reasons for our skype interview is two fold:

1. The cost of bringing someone in, and their family

2. The interaction between them and us and in reading body language etc.

We have had several candidates in the past where it seemed like if we just did the skype interview - we probably would of saved money, time and energy - it seemed like they just wanted the Free Vacation.

 Review resumes
o Like candidate – send questionnaire
o Dislike candidate – send a polite, no thank you letter
· Send questionnaire

o Like answers – committee arranges to perform Skype interview or a visit if location allows

o Dislike answers – send a polite, no thank you letter

· Perform interview or site visit

o Like interview or visit – Have candidate complete an application to obtain experience profile, social security number for background check and reference names and contact information and reference letters, at least 3, (application needs to be obtained or developed)

o Dislike interview or visit – send a polite, no thank you letter or a call for a more personal touch

· Complete background check and reference checks

o Like responses/references – arrange to bring for a visit to the church

o Dislike responses/reference – send a polite, no thank you letter or a call for a more personal touch

· Bring for a visit to the church

o The visit will include the candidate staying with members of the church and participating in weekend activities.

· If we like the candidate – develop an offer.

· If we have concerns with the candidate we will provide the feedback to the candidate.
So as we continue in this process, any things you see that we can do better?
What questions would you have in a questionaire?
What questions would you have just for "Interview" questions?
As a search committee - we are also preparing to being interviewed as well. The candidate should be prepared to do so and ask for our own references on the church.

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