Friday, February 18, 2011

Reading more Books than Blogs.

I love reading. In fact I have a confession to make. I love FREE reading books.

I get my books from several sources:

I. I buy them - usually from Border or Barnes & Noble ... Why? Because our local "Christian" bookstore is clueless at times when it comes to ordering books.

II. I get them FREE - where? Well: (Thomas Nelson)  I'm also a Top 20 Viral Blogger for The OOZE. and sometimes publishers send free copies to Church Leaders (Like Zondervan's The Story)

There are also other places like Blogging for books, or knowing authors who are making their books available for free.

Of course I've been featured as an Author
on YS' site.

A leader is a reader. So what are you reading? (And when I do reviews I usually cite where I got the book unless I bought it myself). Guy Kawasaki sent me his book Enchantment FREE to review ... And I'm also reading (Bought from a recommendation from my friend, Neal Alligood) Generaion iY by Tim Elmore. And looking at refining some of my stuff with using computers in ministry (PCs in Ministry is a book I picked up with lots of different info)

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