Monday, February 21, 2011

Why I Read the Restoration Herald.

Some people might be surprised to learn I read the Restoration Herald. I like it. It is a conservative  monthly publication  of The Christian Restoration Association

Here are some Reasons I read the Restoration Herald.

I. It challenges me. I might disagree with  some things written there, but does allow me to have a different perspective.

II. It is very practical. I appreciate one of the current series: Life and Work of the Minister

III. It gives History. It looks back of some of the saints that have gone before us, and their role in the Restoration Movement.

IV. It is very practical - from the "Here's an Idea you can use" and "Let me illustrate" - it helps makes things practical.

V. It has Bible Study lessons from those in the trenches of ministry. When I come across some of the lessons, I'm like I know that person.

VI. It defends the Word of God. It gives insight on issues that are in our brotherhood, and points out some disagreements.

VII. It allows room for grace and dialogue. I noticed the editor may disagree with several in our brotherhood, but allows there to be a dialogue open, while standing firm on what the Word of God says.

VIII. It is a doctrinal conservative voice. Sometimes I think this is missing in other publications.

IX. It helps highlight some of the things happening in both great and small churches alike.

X. It helps me look at the reasons I am part of the Restoration Movement and to further the cause of Christ.

So what publications do you like?

Ever read the RH?


Dan said...

In Seminary, I made fun of the Herald. Now, I see that they have something to say. I've kicked around subscribing. But I, like you, find issues in some of the other publications for focusing less on the Word of God.

Rob said...

I disagree generally with the 7th point. It has been my experience that the RH does not allow for grace or dialogue. It's tone tends to be harsh and lacking in love.
If I thought that a new believer or anyone outside of the Restoration movement were reading the RH, I would fear that they would think it were representative of the whole movement and I would be embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

I've known too many people who have been libeled by its editor in print and slandered by him by word of mouth to agree with you.

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