Monday, February 21, 2011

Issues in Youth Ministry

I wrote this back 5 years ago  for another site and still thinks applies today

Here are some of my thoughts of issues in Youth Ministry that needs to change:

1. The role of the youth minister. He is no longer a buddy buddy to students - let him equip students and families.

2. The role of Family. Family is HUGE!! Get their involvement.

3. The role of God. Sure God is said to be central but let's focus on the triune roles of God.

4. Exposing the lies. Let's give Hope to our Students - none of this Battle cries or all students are abandoning the faith.

5. Pride. Don't depend on the youthworker or the church even to Rescue students ... God is still in control.

6. The role of the church. Get away from programs. Be the Church.

7. Comparisons. Recently I asked a fellow youth minister, how many kids do you have now (I haven't seen him in awhile) His response: 35. I was like WOW ... you must of adopted some. His natural response was to compare and say youth group size - not his Family.

8. Soulcare. Leaders need to tend to their souls to help in turn point people to the one who is healing them.

9. Leadership. Too often good leaders are hard to find.

10. Theology. Theology and methodology is a big issue either helping or hurting the youth ministry as a whole.

What is the future for youth ministry? Only time can tell. My prayer is that youth ministry reflects the Church and Jesus to the World.

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