Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 10 Interview Questions to ask as a Youthworker (Revised)

One of my more popular blog posts from Three years ago I decided to updated and revise (with the old and new post having proper working links) This was originally written Jan. 25, 2008.

I've helped with the Hiring of a Youth Worker
Then how you can as a youthworker can get hired

Even presented the ideas of Why Youth Ministry

Ways to Start Strong

And even reflected back on What I would do differently

And even that of Handling a Forced Exit

Currently I've been thinking of 2 upcoming themes (Including this one) on Top 10 Interview Questions and Knowing when to Leave

So I always get asked what are some interview questions to ask.

Here is a Forum discussion on some questions to ask

Basically here are the Top 10 I would ask:

1. What is the Church like? Demographics, style, who trying to reach, history of the church?

2. What is the youth program like? what style - PDYM, Family, etc.

3. What is the Senior Minister like? Style, reference, how does he work with others etc.

4. What is the Leadership Structure? Is it Ministry teams, committees, staff lead, eldership/deacons what?

5. What is the expectation of the youth minister? Is there a job description, contract? What is expected from the staff, leadership, parents, volunteers, youth?

6. How are evaluations done? What are the goals and objectives of the ministry? How are they measured?

7. What is the future and vision of the church? Of the youth program?

8. What does the package offer? Salary range, benefits, vacation etc.

9. What is the area like? Demographics of the area and households. Is it rural, urban, what is there to help the Kingdom grow?

10. How are the parents, volunteers and students? Is their input saught? How was the interim handled?

Some additional resources to consult:
How to Choose a Youth Pastor by Paul Borthwick
Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry – Doug Fields
Youth Ministry Management Tools – Olson, Elliot and Work.
Group Magazine Nov./Dec 2005 – 2005 Youth Ministry Salary Survey edition.
2006 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff - James F. Cobble & Richard R. Hammar
The Big Book of Job Descriptions – Gospel Light
Things They Didn’t Teach at Bible College but you really need to know about Youth Ministry – Todd Clark
Youth Ministry Handbook – Edward A. Trimmer.

What questions would you add? Any of these you wouldn't ask?

Any other Resources or websites to suggest?

Also your denomination or seminary - Bible College websites as well ...

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