Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Just One Sunday.

This Sunday I had the opportunity to preach from Matthew 9:35-38. "The Harvest is plentiful; but the workers are few ...."

We took the just one challenge. We prayed that our congregation be one that maybe has just one young man consider ministry as a calling. It was very interesting is I called out our young men by name. (In our services I have a conversation and dialogue with the congregation. Usually I ask questions or ask people to say something and they respond back). We prayed that God would give us more workers for the Harvest fields.

People were surprised by the stats. Over 1500 ministers each month leave the ministry. That the US is the 4th largest unchurched nation in the world etc. So did your church take the Just one Challenge? Can you pray? Do you see the need for more people to go into and consider ministry as a vocation - whether volunteer or career?

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