Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fifty Cent Words

There are tons of fifty cent words out there. (Fifty cent words are those words that make phrases seem longer or rather more complex and less simple)

One in "Christian" circles uses alot of fifty cent words and phrases and tries to "Christianese" (Christianese means use them in a spiritual sense but really sometimes don't add to the conversation and dialogue) them.

Here are a few terms I've used in a class for Wednesday nite on vocabulary.

I. Theology - The pursuit of God.

II. Bibliology - Study of the Bible.

III. Anthropology - study of man, sin and death.

IV. Christology - study of the work and person of Jesus.

V. Soteriology - study of salvation.

VI. Pneumatology - study of the work and person of the Holy Spirit.

VII. Eschatology - study of the end times.

VIII. Ecclesiology - the study of the church.

There is importance to the study of things and words but in reality it is best to keep things simple.  Use non-Biblical words sparingly. Language is something we use everyday and should be something in which we convey the message of God in such a way that from the complex to the simplest of people can understand God's Word.

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