Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Youth Ministry as a Crutch

Youth Ministry as a Crutch

By Gerrard Fess

 Recently I began thinking that there are many churches that view youth ministry as a crutch and not vitally important to the lifeblood of a healthy local church. These churches use, abuse, and misuse the idea of youth ministry mercilessly for their own benefit. So here are some observations that I know churches do which are crutches and not ministry:

1. They see youth ministry purely as a way to grow the church.

2. They see youth ministry as glorified babysitting.

3. In their eyes, more programs and more outings equal more fun, games and more of YMCA director on staff rather than a ministry

4. They get what they pay for. So they pay the youth minister as poorly as possible, support them with little or no budget yet expect the youth group to run like Willow Creek, Saddleback or any other mega church.

5. Viewing vocational youth ministers as a stepping stone so young ministers can become real ministers and get their own church.

6. It is the youth ministries job to sell, fundraise and market Jesus. After all, won’t that bring people to our church?

7. They don't want those types of kids. Just look after the church kids.

8. The Senior Minister is the final authority for all things youth ministry. If you don’t do what the parents want, they’ll tell the “boss.”

9. Be at every kid’s events no matter how many there are and no matter how many you’ve been to. All that matters in their eyes are the churches kids and their lives.

10. Everyone is the youth ministers’ boss.

Don't you just want to love God and love students?

For Discussion:

What are some ways churches can get past this mentality?

Are all the crutches mentioned completely unredeemable?

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