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Top Youth Ministry Book Recommendations.

Top 10 Youth Ministry Philosophy Books

1. "The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry And Its Radical Impact on the Church ". Mark Senter III. SP Publications. Inc., (Victor Books) Wheaton, Ill.1992.

A good read that looks at where youth ministry has been to where it is headed.

2. "Family Based Youth Ministry ". Mark DeVries. InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Ill., 1994.

An insightful book of rethinking our youth ministry to focus and include the whole unit of the family.

3. "The Godbearing Life. The Art of SoulTending For Youth Ministry ". Kendra Creasy Dean and Ron Foster. Upper Room Books, Nashville, 1998. A must book for any youthworker. It is seeing youth ministry more than a "To do" list but a pursuit after the heart of God.

4. "Starting Right Thinking Theologically about Youth Ministry ". Edited by Kendra Creasy Dean, Chap Clark, and Dave Rahn. Zondervan, Grand Rapids. 2001.

A long overdo academic book on youth ministry and thinking of why do youth Ministry? Good for both veterans and those just starting in this thing we call youth ministry.
5. "Student Ministry for the 21st Century ". Bo Boshers with Kim Anderson. Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1997.

Bo Boshers gives insight to going beyound the youth group mentality to that of building a student ministry.

6. "Nurturing the Soul of the Youth Worker ". Tim Smith. Group, Loveland, CO. 1999. A spiritual encouragement book that makes sure the youthworker is tending to his or her own soul as well as the students.

7. "New Directions for Youth Ministry " by Wayne Rice, Chap Clark and
others. Group, Loveland, Co. 1998. Gives framework to student ministry of different models of youth ministry including: Student-led cells, urban ministry, family based, mentoring, community cooperation, youth church, campus-based.
8. "The Youth Worker's Handbook to Family Ministry ". Chap Clark Zondervan, Grand Rapids. 1997.

A very practical insight of how to do Family Ministry in your church situation.

9. "A Comprehensive Guide to Youth Ministry. Reaching A Generation For Chris t". Richard R. Dunn and Mark H. Senter III. General Editors. Moody Press, Chicago. 1997.

A Encyclopedia of youth ministry. It gives different challenges and philosophy into this world we call youth ministry.

10. "Postmodern Youth Ministry ". Tony Jones. Youth Specialities, (Zondervan) Grand Rapids. 2001. Tony Jones starts to help youthworkers give some framework on how we are to minister to our students in this postmodern worldview.

Top 10 Youth Ministry Resource Books

1. "Youth Ministry Management Tools . Ginny Olson, Diane Elliot And Mike Work. Youth Specialties. 2001. Includes CD-Rom and everything you need to manage your ministry.

A must for ANY youthworker who needs organization and tools to keep organized.
2. "Better Safe Than Sued ". Jack Crabtree Group, Loveland, CO

A practical insight to help keep youthworkers protected and protecting our students. It gives insights to Insurance coverage, screening volunteers, accident proof games (No more Chubby Bunny), safe retreats etc.

3. "Josh McDowell's Youth Ministry Handbook ". Compiled by Sean McDowell and Ray Willey. Word. Nashville, 2000. A good resource into issues and things that arise in student ministry.

4. "Organizing Your Youth Ministry ". Paul Borthwick. Youth Specialties, 1988. One of my first Youth Ministry books. A must for those wanting to know how to organize your ministry and the why behind it.

5. "Parent's Guide to The Spiritual Mentoring of Teens ". Joe White, Jim Weidmann General Editors. Focus on the Family Tyndale House Wheaton, Ill. 2001. One of the few books I've seen as a tool to help parents with the spiritual mentoring. So often we lay the responsibility upon the youthworker. I wish there were more resources like this one out there to help parents with mentoring their child.

6. "Josh McDowell's Handbook on Counseling Youth ". Josh McDowell & Bob Hostetler. Word, Dallas. 1996. I've used this resource more than once. In fact it is only an arm's length away from me. If you do counselling and need a good resource - This is it.
7. "Things They Never Taught You About Youth Ministry That You Really Need to Know ". Todd Clark, College Press, Joplin, Mo. 1996.

Some practical advice from a fellow youthworker on things you need to know that can help your youth ministry. Things like: Time management. Been seen in front of your church. Proper etiquette etc.

8. "The Youth Minister's Survival Guide ". Len Kageler Youth Specialities, 1992. Practical advice on surviving in your ministry and being in your church for the long haul.

9. "No More Us & Them. 100 Ways to Bring Your Youth & Church Together ". Group, Loveland, CO 1999.

This book gets your students connected practically to the rest of the church body and to build community. Want to be seen, and have people of all ages in your ministry? This book gives some good advice in breaking down those walls.

10. "Youth Ministry Nuts And Bolts ". Duffy Robbins. Youth Specialties, 1990.

Duffy is one of my favourite authors. This was one of my first books as I started youth ministry and comes in handy. One of the best sections that I think still benefits youthworkers is to when to Leave a ministry and when to stay?

Honorable Mention

"What's The Big Deal about Sex. Loving God's Way " by Jim Burgen Burgen gives a insight of dealing with SEX.
"The Magnet Effect. Designing Out Reach Events That Draw Kids to Christ" by Barry St. Clair with Jim Burns, Paul Fleischmann & Bo Boshers - Want an event to bring students - this resource helps.

"130 Ways to Involve Parents in Youth Ministry ". Group Publishing, Loveland CO Getting parent in your ministry.

"The Ministry of Nurture " by Duffy Robbins Encouraging your students

"Managing Youth Ministry Chaos " by Mike Woodruff Getting organized

"Dangerous Wonder The Adventure of Childlike Faith " by Mike Yaconelli Embracing the childhood that should always be there.
"8 Habits of an Effective Youth Worker " by Tim Smith Habits that every youthworker should have.
"So That's Why I keep Doing This " by Glenn Propcopio A devotion book that encouraged youthworkers to keep doing what we are doing. To love God, and to love those students.

"Back to the Heart of Youth Work " by Dewey M. Bertolini.

"Youth Ministry Its Renewal in the Local Church " by Lawrence O. Richards This 1972 book (IF you can find it - I have a copy) is one of the first written on youth ministry and gives insight to where youth ministry is, and how it is in the 21st Century.

"Your First 2 Years in Youth Ministry " by Doug Fields. A conversation on what to do in your first 2 years. Good for both rookies and veterans.

Any others you would add to the list?

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