Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top Ten Things you can do on Youthworker Appreciation Day

Top Ten Things you can do on Youthworker Appreciation Day!  or during Church Leader Appreciation month in October: (1 Wrote this in 2008)

 Sept 6th was  YouthWorker Appreciation Day. Here are some things you can do:

1. Write an encouraging note to a fellow youthworker.

2. Send him or her a free subscription to the Journal of Student Ministries.

3. Offer to buy them some resources for their own personal library. (Goto the Christian bookstore to do this today)

4. Give them a gift card to their favorite place. (Tickets to sporting events works too)

5. Offer to babysit their kids.

6. Buy that ever so important office knickknack for their office or home.

7. Have all the students sign a banner or card telling them how important they are to the ministry at the church.

8. FREE Food.

9. Ask what they may need. Get involved in their lives. Share your story and how important and valued they are to you.

10. Write on others' blogs on what you did. (Even tell Marko)

Make it a surprise and dream Big!

Our youthworkers love God and love those students. Let's show them that We love them too!!

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