Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stop Making Excuses!

People like to make Excuses. Excuses for anything. Especially for the Christian life and coming to the Worship Services.

Things like:

1. It is too hard.

2. Sunday is my day to sleep in (Umm there is this great invention its call the Sunday Afternoon nap, and who sleeps in to 10am?)

3. The Church services is boring. (Ever been to ours? It is far from boring - we're very much a low church congregation - laid back)

4. It is too hot. (WE have AC)

5. I don't know anyone. (You can come and meet new friends)

6. I don't like to dress up. (You don't have to - just wear clothes is all we ask)

7. There are too many hyprocrites there. (There is always room for one more - you're welcome too)

8. I don't know how to get there. (There is this wonderful invention called the Internet and Google maps ...)

9. I can worship at home by myself or just watch TV and watch those guys. (You can but do you? There is nothing like being around others worshipping HIM)

10. My dog ate my Bible. (That's ok - we have extras)

Any others?

We tend to make excuses, but the real issue comes down to the heart. Where are you and God? Do you even know Him?

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