Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who Ministers to the Minister?

So who ministers to those that are working on the front lines of ministry?

To me it is other people - hopefully within the church you are serving.

Ministry is hard. Last week - I had one of the GREATEST but toughest weeks. I got to speak at my kids' school, and then also had to talk to a young woman who maybe dying ..(But rejoice that She knows  our Lord)

I've been ordained in ministry for over 15 yrs. (In fact this weekend marks that anniversary).

I've done more funerals than weddings. Having more people baptize than just myself ... and celebrate my family.

So who ministers to those that minister? Hopefully you have a Great Church Family that does. If not, let them know you care and hopefully they care about you. I know I have several within the congregation I'm serving that do care, pray and invest in me and my family.

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