Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Church Leader for Career Day?

Last week I had the opportunity to present what I do as a career. Actually I view it more as a Calling, living, investment in the Kingdom.  I did get to present in a public school setting the work of a minister. I was competing with puppies, guns, gators (No kidding), postal workers, pro-golfers, and marital artists (Though I didn't see Chuck Norris).
Why did I do it? Gave me an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to young people and really tell them what Church people do. (and to tell my own children what DAD does)

So what do I do? Basically I get paid to be a Christian. (How cool is that?) I get to love God and love others. And got to present the calling of God in such a way to make it fun, exciting, and yet requires alot of work, study, and patience.

From what I heard - having some candy during your speech isn't bad either.

If you ever get a chance to tell young people what you do in the church, don't turn the offer down. Tell them how God has taken you from where you are and is still using and working on you.

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