Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NHL Playoffs 2010 Thoughts and beyond.

Western Conference

Sharks in 6

Chicago in 6

Vancouver in 5

Yotes in 7

Eastern Conference

Caps in 7

NJ in 6

Buffalo in 6

                                                                   Pittsburgh  in 5
Western Conference Winner: Vancouver.
Eastern Conference: Washington.
Series to Watch in the First Round.
Phoenix and Detroit. (Young versus old.) Phoenix the Cinderella story ...weren't even to be projected to make the playoffs at the beginning of the Season
Capitals and Montreal. Goaltending versus Ovie.
Devils-Flyers. Rivals. Flyers just make the playoffs versus One of the Greatest Goaltenders in the NHL. Can Boucher keep up his own hot goaltending with the Flyers or be outmatched by Brodeur?
Other notes: Jimmy Howard's first playoffs could make an interesting storyline. Don't forget Crosby. Also the Sharks have something to prove that they can finally make it to the Big dance.
History will be made but it is a matter of time to say whose history.
Already focus has been on the MVP and hardware for individual players. Crosby got 51 goals, so did Stamkos. Ovechkin got 50 with 10 less games played. H. Sedin got the most pts. (Art Ross). Question is who is the MVP? Ovechkin? Stamkos? Sedin? Crosby? some have mentioned a few goaltenders as well ...Ilya Bryzgalov  and Ryan Miller.
Is the MVP the most who contributed to their team or to the league as a whole?
Crosby might win the MVP (since the Favourite) though I would foresee Miller bringing more contributing to both Buffalo and USA Hockey and ultimately the NHL as a whole. Sure people think Crosby and the Pens and Canadian Hockey. Problem is IMHO he isn't the face of the NHL despite being marketed that way. One thing is for sure ... I don't think Ovechkin will win MVP this year.
Then there is the whole draft which is it Taylor or Tyler? In the 2010 draft
The issue I take is with the TML's trading for Phil Kessel. (who hasn't done much of anything  ... and the Bruins get the #2 pick.  I think the Leafs lost out in that trade)
Then there is a future draft pick of Nate the kid
called the Next Sidney Crosby. Possibly to be Drafted 2013.
Lots going on. Game on. history will be made.

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