Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is the Cross a symbol of life or death?

So what is the Cross

a symbol of?

Seems a lot of people associate it with a symbol of Death

Others of Cruelity

And others of Violence and status

Seems weird that people wearing Cross necklaces
are wearing a symbol of death. Seems the Cross of Christ is where the symbol of life begins. You see Jesus died for us. And if He stayed dead, the cross would be meaningless. Our message would be foolishness. Especially if there was no resurrection. But Jesus didn't stay that way and so the Cross seems to be a symbol of life, hope and love. Ultimately the symbol of the Cross is the message of Grace. God giving us something you don't deserve. So ultimately the Cross is a symbol not just of life and death but ultimatle of love and Grace and to that I am thankful.

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