Thursday, March 11, 2010

Edmund the Just

Key Verse: “Fear God. Do what he tells you.” – Ecclesiastes 12:13 The Message.

Read Romans 3, 6: 1 – 11.

Edmund presents the whole problem of mankind: sinfulness. Traitor. Tempted. He is caught in his own greed and by the White Witch’s lure.

After Edmund is rescued, he and Aslan have a private conversation. No one hears what they say – but it changes Edmund forever. Afterwards, Edmund apologizes and all is forgiven.

There seems to be two sides to Edmund. That of bad: temper, lying; and that of good: repenting, fights the battle, helps defeat some of the Witch’s schemes.

Edmund is seen as unrighteous. One forgiveness is given though Edmund stands up for the truth and is still seen not as his former self but as an heir to the throne.

Thoughts to Ponder:

1. What side of Edmund am I currently like?
2. How can I be more forgiving of others?
3. What is something I can do to see that justice and mercy is given to those that need it?
4. How hard is it to let go of grudges and past mistakes of yourself? Of others?
5. Have you ever had that private conversation with God about seeking forgiveness?
6. How am I exposing the schemes of the devil in my own life?

How today’s devotion applies to me:

Two or three things that I have learned:




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