Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Art of Writing a Sermon

So yesterday I was in Mechanicsville, Virginia at  Fairmount Christian Church
for a seminar. The VEF
otherwise known as the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship and JBC (Johnson Bible College)
were sponsoring this seminar on the Art of Writing a Sermon. The special presenter for this event was Bob Russell
(Who I almost knocked over coming out of the restroom that day but that's another story)

The Day was broken into several segments. We had 2 breakout sessions as well as the 4 sessions Bob Presented in.

Here is what the Day looked like:

Session I. The Process of Writing Your Sermon

Breakout: What does the process look like to you?

Session II: Balancing Exposition and Application.


Session III: Finding, Filing and Fitting Illustrations

Breakout: Where do you get your illistrations from?  (also on a side advice for those starting out in preaching - mine was to recent students: Be Yourself)

Session IV: When Ministry Gets Tough. (I actually have a copy of this talk ... and never gets old)

Overall I give the VEF and this an A+. Some very insightful things. Was worth fellowshiping with fellow preachers, seeing friends I haven't seen in awhile and learning from others.

Some great quotes from the day:

"Preaching is truth through your personality."

"Every preacher needs a preacher."

"Rather hear a person read than ramble" (I tend to ramble at times)

How long should a person preach? Evaluate yourself honestly on a scale 1 to 10 then subtract 2; multiply by 5. Not everyone is a 10. (FYI mine was around 25 minutes)

Also there was this idea of plagiarism ... and the discussion. The big thing was give credit, use resource, be yourself not someone else. Have integrity.

Well worth the trip there.

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