Friday, February 05, 2010

Respect for the Church.

In a recent letter to the editor, a woman stated the disrespect young people had for the flag by not removing their hats during the national anthem.

In her letter, she stated: "Most Americans know that behind this red, white, and blue piece of material that hangs on the wall there is blood and great sacrifice. Old Glory is the symbol of our unity, our power. It is up to the parents and teachers to teach our young people about the men and women who went before this."

An analogy can be drawn from this.

If blood and great sacrifice were given for the flag, how about the Church? Christ is our sacrifice, our unity, our power. Yet in a place of worship, people don't recognize this. The people are the church, yet treat one another with little or no respect at all.

Church leaders, parents, youth leaders must be willing to teach young people about the people of the faith who went before us. Start with the biblical characters, such as the ones cited in the faith chapter in Hebrews 11.

There is a difference between heritage and traditionalism. Heritage is knowing the things of the past and striving for the future. Traditionalism is to be stuck in the past.

Respect is needed. Let's celebrate our heritage as we move on into the future. May in all things we point to Christ.

(some excerpts from an Article I written and edited for the Sharon Herald - Oct. 19, 1996 with a column entitled: From the Pulpit)

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