Friday, February 05, 2010

Church Leaders Who think They have it all Figured out!

I'm so surprised at the arrogance and pride of Certain Church leaders. Really I am.

In just the last week, I've gotten the following messages (Just from one)

I. You Can Grow Your Church and overcoming the 3 barriers to do it.

II. You've been lied to. Here is a quote: "I'm sick and tired of hearing everyone tell me why right now is such a bad season for the local church." Maybe he should tell that to the churches that I know of because of budget had to let go of several youthworkers I know just this past week. Or had we had to cut $40 000 from our budget or ... I know he is trying to encourage but this is the wrong way to do it. There has to be a step of faith taken along with realistic expectations as well. God gave us brains, and who goes building a tower without first considering the cost? Blind Vision is No vision at all.

III. Then there is this one: "You know the type...always waiting until the last minute to plan their worship service." (I agree but then he tries to sell his Transforming Workshop)

IV. "Everybody needs a Coach" - you should sign up - Coach Mega Ego.

Now it gets ridiculous. That is why This blog post
hits home.

It isn't about the Gimmicks. It isn't about having it all figured out. I want to know the guys that are successful, but are struggling at it as well. They are authentic and say I am still pursuing God. We're growing not because of any one thing but because we're pursuing God. Are there some things we can learn from sure?

Are there some things we can stay away from? YUP ... Pride being one of them. I personally don't know the guy who sends me all these posts and emails but do know they are communicating the wrong message.

If I'm one person who thinks "They have it all figured out" I wonder why there are so many other church leaders wanting the latest gimmick, or wanting to have it all figured out rather than relying on God to give the Increase?

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