Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Hockey Feedback.

So this has been an intense time. Here is what I think.

I. The Women's Rematch tomorrow US vs. CANADA for the Gold is going to be an amazing game and probably Better than the Men's match on Sunday.

II. The officiating has been horrible. Really, it has. Crosby earlier in the tourney been cut 2 times and no calls. There has been slashing, diving, and yet the "Favourites" are being pushed around.

III. The US - Canada game was Great. The "Wrong" team won .... but was rather intense. Being outshoot and outplayed wasn't what happened. The US just had a "Hot" hand Goaltender in Miller. Miller is the star of the US team.

IV. I seen Brodeur play better. A Puck to the head? Several goals in with only 20+ shots? I'm Brodeur - I think because of your dual citizenship you're playing for the wrong side.

V. The line changes have been amazing. To see players play together is awesome - that you might not otherwise.

VI. Anyone else see that Ovechkin hit on Jagr? (Classic - too bad it was taken down)

VII. Crosby vs. Ovechkin later tonite should be a good game. It is for all the marbles. Winner goes on ... Loser Goes Home.

Now only if I can get a Canadian Jersey and have the Leafs play better.

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