Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I'm Not going to Haiti!!

Seems I'm hearing lots of "Famous" Christian celebrities talking about going to Haiti. They want to experience it. It seems to be the cool thing to do.

It is all over the news.

It would help them embrace short term missions and be out of their comfort zone.

God has told them to go.

In light of that fact ... Here are some reasons I'm Not Going to Haiti.

I. God hasn't told me to go.

II. I don't want to be on the whole "Look at me" Fame.

III. I think my own time and resources can be spent better here and sending the money there. Afterall, Haitians live off less than 730 dollars US
a year or $2 a day.

IV. My connections with some of the missions there - they are doing a good job. Missions like IDES, and Lifeline still need help.

V. There will be opportunity in the future to go - just not now for me. The rebuilding in Haiti will take years.

VI. There seems to be need be intentional about how to rebuild there.

VII. Maybe the best thing to do is adopt or sponsor a child.

VIII. Know that JUST because EVERYONE ELSE is Helping Haiti ... doesn't mean God has called you to specifically be in that work. You can donate, you can pray, but not everyone is called to go. (See #1)

IX. We, (as a Church) are committed to that Island though. We sponsor work through Hope Missions in the Dominican Republic. As the future rebuilding begins ... I'm sure there will be opportunites to minister to all the peoples on that island.

X. Continue to pray. Not everyone can Go, but everyone can pray. Not everyone will be called to go ..but everyone must bloom where they are planted and make an impact around the world.

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