Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There are 3 Types of Church Libraries.

I. Those that get used.

II. Those that are abused.

III. And those that aren't used at all.

I've been in ministries that had all 3 types.

I was in one ministry that the library barely got used, and for space issues and lack of volunteers - we did away with it - but donated the resources and revenue from it back to missions.

In one ministry, people were like, you have a library? (Fact was I had more books than the church library did at that time) And seemed some abused the room and yet it was in memory of someone.

And there are ones that have the latest resources, someone is staffing it, and there is also a classroom that meets in there.

So what type of library does your church have? Or does your church even have one?

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hey watch it now:-)

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