Saturday, January 16, 2010

Selkirk, Ontario

Selkirk, Ontario

I grew up in Selkirk. Was born in Hamilton, but raised in Selkirk. Fact is my one brother, Mike, still loves in the home I grew up in.

I call where I grew up the Florida of Canada. It is about as south as you can go until you hit the border. Fact was growing up we can pick up both Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA stations.

I loved Selkirk. Great people. Not too many famous things happened there. I know the history of the churches. Fact is the only famous "Residents" from Selkirk (Other than the family connections like Hoover, Kindy, Cooper) had some connections to church.Jim Johnson (Now a famous preacher in the midwest once Interned at the Selkirk Church of Christ Christian Chapel - my home church). Terry Tanner is listed as my mentor but interesting his wife is mentioned more and quoted in a Restoration history book about the Restoration Movement in Ontario.

I do love Selkirk. I'm one of the few that left and haven't been back that much. I know have several publications, but don't think of myself as that famous of a resident of Selkirk. (Though I know some of the older people who impacted my life from that little brick church might argue otherwise)

If you need a break or ever visiting near Niagara Falls or want a scenic route from Buffalo to Detroit ... might consider visiting my home town of Selkirk. It has some great moments. Great camps like the provincial camp, Camp Selkirk. It is the place I love and sometimes hurt for some of the people there. Continue to pray for them as well. Thanks.


Wren said...

You have a very nice blog.

Mark said...

I was just at a Hoover family event today.. Nice post.

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