Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Bigger Kids.

People been asking how I like being the preacher, as opposed to the Youth Minister. Sometimes it comes across as "so, how do you like having your own church?" My response usually is: "Oh, the church really isn't mine and I don't have my own church is Jesus'"

And then it turns to the changes in my role. Then my response is that the ministry is different. I just work with Bigger Kids. That isn't a bad thing. We have all sorts of people. I love the congregation I serve. Every church has its own unique challenges and ministries and little personalities.

The congregation I serve has come through some much pain and hurt. Their journey in a lot of ways reflects my own life. The church had started off good, then one of their leaders passed away and they went through their own periods of UPs and DOWNS, and learning things the hard way. I've been there. Experiencing my own Father's death and others changed my life and thus learning through the school of hard knocks. (Fact is the church and I are both learning through that school even now)

One thing I can honestly say is I love the ministry. I love these people. I hurt for them. I pray for them. I see Great potential. I see God working. I so appreciate that they trust and honor to have me as their preacher. I'm just a jerk, whose trying to be Jesus' Hands and feet and so often fall short. I'm so glad for this church to allow me to experience failure, to get up off my hands and feet and try things again. My prayer is that I live up not to Their expectations ... but the expectations that God would have me do and for the people here to be living for Jesus as well.

Won't you Join me?

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