Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Church Breakin!

Here is the note I wrote our Church Family, after the church breakin last nite and informing them of such.

Jan. 11, 2010

Dear Church Family,

I want you to pray. Pray for our Church and our leaders. If you can do that RIGHT now that would be GREAT!!! It seems sometimes when we take 2 steps forward - Satan wants to throw a WRENCH into the plans. In the Spiritual Warfare that is going on (READ Ephesians 6:10-20) there are things that might discourage us. But TAKE courage God is with us; who can be against us?!

Now for the Spiritual battle or rather the Minor Wrench that Satan tried to discourage us today. You see last nite our building was broken into. The police were called this morning. There is some damage. Doors - locks etc. It looks like someone tried to get some loose change and was looking for the offering $$$. The good news is nothing of value (Sound System, laptops, computers, TVs, Equipment etc is missing) A few doors were damaged and a few cabinets. Whoever did it was through all the offices and ramaged through the whole building from the attic to the food pantry to the clothes closet. The Good news is there wasn't much of a mess. There was a few missing coins from the coin jar & from Naomi and I's caffeine addiction but other than that God really protected.

We're looking into getting estimates to what it would be to repair/replace the doors etc and work through our insurance company and the leaders here. One of the things I want to let you know about this is because sometimes people misunderstand or see the police at our building or rumours get started etc. We had a minor breakin. God really protected. A few of us are shaked about it. Please pray for the young person or person(s) who did this. Pray not just for justice; but they would come to know Jesus. (In some ways I wish they took one of our Bibles). Pray that God continually protects as HE always does. Also PRAISE GOD that we have this tool of a building to come to. PRAISE God for our GREAT services yesterday. And in all things, PRAISE HIM, through the good times and the bad.

Thanks for listening. Keep faithful for our King, after all, Woohoo ... Jesus Loves You!!

In Him,

Gerrard R. Fess
Lead Minister

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