Friday, December 18, 2009

Ministry Blues or Is it?

Ever get those ministry blues?

Sure everything is going ok. We have had our share of baptisms, new people coming but also people going.

I'm at an interesting place in ministry - I see several challenges ahead ... great potential, great hurt in people, yet God can do some great things.

This week I had ranted with a friend about the challenges I've faced in this new ministry and the steps ahead. I've come to realize I can't do it alone. It is only by God's grace and power that I'm in ministry.

Ephesians 6:19 seems to be a key verse for me. "Pray also for Me that Whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly male known the mystery of the gospel."

We've (as a church) have had some facility renovations (Which some thought we couldn't do yet even when I first came on staff), we've had people's lives changed. Dealt with unique ministry challenges: Family struggling with suicides this past year, family members who lost loved ones, and a loved one who was baptized just weeks before meeting the Lord. We also had opportunity to serve people, love God and love others. As I'm looking to my own ministry blues - I see the blessings therein.

God has done some great things. How about you? what is God doing in your life?

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Anonymous said...

Feel your pain my man. We had a lock-in with an all time high attendance and a salvation but we had some issues that really got me down.

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