Friday, December 04, 2009

Habakkuk 3: The Prophet Worships.

This week I'm preaching from Habakkuk. I love preaching from the Minor Prophets. Why?

It challenges me. It isn't too often you hear about people preaching from these books, and so far Habakkuk has got to be one of my favourite books.

We'll be looking at How Habakkuk prays, ponders, and praises. I get some of the sample outlines from Wiersbe but have to add some to it. I've been reading lots of different versions of the prophets and commentaries as well. Some good stuff and application. What are you currently teaching on?

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Shane Vander Hart said...

I finished interim pastoring in July so I haven't been teaching. I hope I can do some pulpit supply soon as I miss preaching. I did Haggai last summer and that was a fun, quick series to do.

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