Monday, November 23, 2009

Help Wanted! Employment Opportunities for Youth Ministers and Ministers?

So as the Restoration Movement and our independent thoughts. Where are my friends that are youth workers look for a youth ministry or ministry?

Here are some to consider:

Youth Ministry Pro

Youth Pastor

Youth Specialties Job Bank

Church Staffing




Simply Hired

Pastor Positions w/ youth


Ministry Jobs

YP Jobs

Christian Jobs
Ministry Search

Now having said that .... I know some have used the above sites and found a ministry but here are some of the sites I've used for my own search for working in the context of the Restoration Movement churches:


Christian Churches Today

Christian Standard

JBC placement

CCU Ministry openings

Ozark Christian's Ministry listing

Lincoln Christian

MACU listing

Christian Church Search

ACU resource
(Non-instrumental brethen)
KYOWVA openings

There are tons of ministry openings out there - it is just the right one God wants you to be and the right fit. God's blessings upon you. If I can be of any help ..let me know.

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