Thursday, October 22, 2009

The "O" Knows - The 3 Os in Ministry.

Wanna know what ministry is about?

It is about the One Thing. I'm thinking it is about the "O" Factor. (Basically Jesus)

But here are 3 Os ... I'm going to try to live by (And no it isn't survivor to Outwit, outlast, outplay my fellow survivors)

It is about:

I. Outlove. God calls us to love another. Love our enemies. I John reminds us where love comes from. They will know we are Christians by our love. Imagine how the world will view us if we just loved people. Loved sinners, love those different from you, and loved even those that we just can't stand. Too often I hear about the people of the "Church" ("Christians") sling mud on the Bride of Christ. We need to stop this. Taking people from where they are. Listening, caring, being active. Discipleship takes time.

II. Out fruit. As a result of our love - people will see our Actions. They will know we are Christian not because of what we are againts, but because of how we live. So often the word "Christian" brings up images of wrongdoing, of hatred etc. Why not change that? I'm trying to do that. Trying not to be so hyprocritical in my own actions and lining up to what God wants me to be.

III. Outlive. Hang in there. Tough times will come. I've been through many fires in ministry - youth ministry especially. I have many friends have too. Learn to deal with criticism. Outlive your critics. Prove them wrong. Be nice to them. It is like heaping hot coals on their head. I hear alot of whiners in ministry ... I want it this way, oh the preacher didn't greet me, your church is too small, your church is too big, you don't have this program like Mr. Walmart McChurch down the street does. (I'm thinking so why don't you do something about it or goto McChurch before I just choke slam you into this floor - then remember I have to show them Grace and love too - see I told you it wasn't easy for me)

One of my friends, Bud Yoder, who has been in ministry for a long time reminded me "We are called to preach the Gospel." I think more leaders and myself need to hear that. Sure there are some good programs; things to do - but ultimately I'm called to preach. Whether it be that sermon in shoes or the one on Sunday morning.

How about you? How are you livng the 3 Os in your life?

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Martin Drummond said...

Good stuff!

Love it when love for the Lord/men's souls spills over into relevant ministry.

Know that you're not alone, my friend. There are many other servants who bow their knees only to Jehovah.

Take a look at and you'll be reminded of why what you do is so important.


Martin Drummond

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