Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Government is NOT the Answer!

One of the biggest things I'm learning more and more is Government is not the Answer. Romans 13 convinces me of this. We are to honor the authorities. God establishes them; but government isn't the answer to our problems. I'm afraid too many pastors and church leaders (Myself included) spend so much time with listening to politics. Debating politics. Thinking politics. We forget that the Church; Jesus; the Holy Spirit within us; and Our Father already given us the Answer.

So what is the answer: Depends - what is the question?

We debate bailout, health care, justice, social justice, issues and think we have all the answers. Sometimes we don't. We know who has all the answer and WHO is the answer. The problem is we keep getting away from keeping the main thing the main thing. We lose our purpose. We go down a million bunny trails. So what is the church's focus suppose to be? Loving God and Loving others. Presenting the Gospel.

Do other issues matter? Sure. So what are we to do?

Keep our eyes on Jesus - the author and perfecter of our Faith. If we take our eyes off of Him ...we lose our focus and become nothing more than some sort of Organization, association, or "Social Club."

Too often I see groups in the name of "Religion" become Social clubs or social well meaning clubs and along the way forget about Jesus. How SAD!

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Red Letter Believers said...

Hey you think that the reason we have such a big government is because we have such a little church?

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