Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health Care - what Gives?

As a person who has seen both universal(I grew up in Canada) and the current system here are a couple of my thoughts.

1. The Current System is Broken, it needs to be fixed!

2. Universal Health care and more taxes is not the solution.

3. Sure I have health insurance but why am I spending more for individual versus group? I have a family of 5 and pay a mortgage payment to get health insurance? what gives?

4. Why am I paying more when I pay so much already and am healthy? (see #3)

5. Why does it have to be a "Right"? Doesn't it have to be more of a responsibility to make sure you are taking care of yourself and your family?

6. Why all the fighting? Why does it turn into a Jr. High fight - that I'm right, you're wrong or "My party can beat up your party because our health care plan is better idea?"

7. Shouldn't health care look like what we're paying for? I mean what we pay for that our elected officials are getting?

8. I have a solution ... cut away all the bureaucracy and red tape. Get rid of the middle man. Let's just have our money for Health savings accounts. The doctors give us a flat fee for visits and have insurance for more costly procedures. Do away with all the lobbyist and red tape jobs.

9. Bring back Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman. Whatever happened to the local, friendly, doctor that made house calls?

10. Take away the Rich politicians health care and have them pay for it themselves with their own insurance and give all elected officials insurance to everyone else ... for FREE. From the local, state, federal elected officials. I think once they know they have to pay for their own healthcare they might rethink the plans they are proposing.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on in this issue - there isn't an easy solution - though I like to think there is.


coop said...

I would like to see a 5000 deductable HSA that anyone can buy (for no more than 10% of income regardless of pre-existing conditions) and if necessary do some tax-breaks, or rebates to families making under 30,000 per couple then there would be incentive to be healthy and not abuse the system for every paper cut, and it would limit big ticket items to 5000 so no one goes bankrupt for medicial bills. the medical field would have to accept less in exchange for dramaticly lowered malpractice settlements and student loan help for doctors. we would also need to funnel a lot more people toward pa's for primary care.

Gozreht said...

You know, people support this health care bill becuase they argue that the Constitution demands this due to equality of all people. First of all it was the Declaration of Independence that says all men are equal. But, it says more specifically that all men are created equal! What we do with the rest of our life is up to us. We can work to stay equal or we can sit around and lose our equality. Someone forcing me to give up what I have worked for is not right. If I choose to give on my own, then fine. I choose to help my fellow man to get him back on his feet but forcing me into giving more than my share is dead wrong.

I like your posts. Keep it up Fess.

aka gozreht

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