Thursday, July 09, 2009

3 E s.

There was a time (Back 5years ago) that a small band of people met in Chicago to see what can be done to help Hurting Youthworkers. (Hence my own writing on Hiring and Handling a Forced Exit due to my own journey as well)

Hard to believe that was over 5yrs ago.

We came up with a name: E3. Focusing on

effective, excellent, and enduring aspects of faithful youth ministry

Interesting enough is I really haven't used 3Es or points until this past weekend.

(Our little band kind of fell apart due to about 70& of the band had lost their own jobs and had struggles of their own ... Weird is later came YMX and some passionate people and other organizations came to light on this pastors in pain issue - especially youthworkers in pain. Though I still think there needs to be a book out there on Youth Pastors In Pain and addressing the Quiet Suffering that happens in firing a youthworker.)

So what 3Es came to me this past week?

To be Empowered by the Spirit.

To be Encouraged by the Word.

To be Enabled to do the work of the ministry.

Seemed to be a challenge for myself and others to lead where God is leading; listen to the Word; and don't give up!

My prayer is this post encourages you to do the same.

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