Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fourteen People You should know in Your Community.

Moving to a new ministry or in the midst of one? Want to know who you should connect with and why?

Here are some good suggestions:

I. Local Education personnel - a teacher, educator, principal etc. They can give you insight to the local schools, the school board, and the INs and OUTs of ministering to them.

II. Hospital Personnel - where are the local hospitals, medical facilities, policies, visiting hours etc.

III. Chaplains - Gives you a spiritual insight to where you live and how the policies and procedures work. I appreciated the chaplains here helping me with resources for "pastoral care" and getting to know how to minister more effectively.

IV. Funeral Directors - know where the local funeral homes are. As what resources they offer to help the bereaved. Take advantage and interest in what they do. My first "Funeral" visit in MD was where a lady had a fishing pole in one hand and a cigarette in another. Very amusing.

V. Office supply personnel - know where to get office supplies. Who does mailing, mass purchases etc.

VI. Graphic Designs - Know who to goto when you need something done for graphics, marketing etc.

VII. IT, technology personnel - best to know people or businesses that do multi-media in the area - from music, computers to digital signs. Website hosting etc. (Still working on this area)

VIII. Local Network of Co-workers. I goto a monthly preachers' meeting. Try not to miss it. Well worth it for the encouragement, study, pray and just knowing you're in this together for the Kingdom.

IX. Local media personnel - get to know where your local paper is. Take a tour. Get to know the editors. Know where the local TV station, radio is. We've recently did this for our "Final Week Re-enactment Drive Through" and was powerful to know people in the community know our church.

X. Social Services outlets - know what organizations are out there helping the hurting, financially distressed, homeless etc.

XI. Law Enforcement - always good to know your local police, fire officers etc.

XII. Business Professionals - know what works what doesn't. Learn from leadeership.

XIII. Community Leaders. Politicians etc. Know who is who. My first month here I received a letter of welcome from the local delegate - welcoming me to the community. First impressions last.

XIV. You. Get to not only know yourself but others in the community. Get to know as many people as possible. Connect. Build Genuine relationships. Be authentic. And be the hands and feet of Jesus to others.

Other thoughts?


Mykel said...

Great insight GMAN and valuable information as I start AXIOM. I would love to chat with you about pastoring some time.

Paul Wilkinson said...

Wow! Who knew Roman numerals were making a comeback? (And two posts in a row!)

Of course I'm biased, but I think that for Christians, connecting regularly with the Christian bookstore and its staff is vital. In many communities these places are a hub for linking with people, groups and upcoming events. They also refer people to local churches as they get to know people from those local churches.

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