Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fan or Follower of Jesus.

There seems to be this debate of whether there should be fans or followers of Jesus.

Fans tend to focus on cheers. Give me a J - give me an E.

Fans tend to focus on Big crowds. The excitement.

Fans tend to goto Big Events ... mountain top experiences ... but when there are valleys ... the fans are nowhere to be seen.

Fans love conferences, conventions, Mega, and Super Size.

Fans tend to love the idea of Jesus; but only when its convenient.

Followers are True lovers of Jesus. They are Disciples, Christians.

Followers love one another. Followers love their enemies. Followers do what Jesus said.

Sometimes I see our churches more full of fans than followers of Jesus. You see followers of Jesus takes time. It takes discipleship and isn't easily summed up into a formula, 4 laws, or a finger exercise. Fans tend to do things quick ...say this prayer; do this act and you're done. Lots of shouting and confronting without the relationship.

I want to make followers, how about you?

(And yes I came across this "Jesus Saves Card pic" )

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Ovidiu Radulescu said...

I love your ideas. Thank you for such a good contrasting picture of what means to follow Jesus...
Ovidiu Radulescu

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