Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Hospital Calls Matter!!!

I don't hear much in youth ministry about those making hospital calls, and rarer still do I read on blogs or on leadership other than chaplains doing the Hospital calling.

Hospital Calls matter!!


1. It helps let the people in your congregation know you care.

2. It gets you out into the community. I can't tell you how often I meet someone in the community just by going to the hospital.

3. It helps by just listening. Listening to people's stories.

4. It gives opportunity to share Jesus - to pray, and sit and be an example.

5. It helps you to be a life-long learner. I've done a Ground Rounds (Hospital Tour and Seminar series) which helps and currently doing some CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) this Spring in a course of Clinical Pastoral Visitation.

6. It gives opportunity to share of yourself. And know yourself and limitations.

7. It gives you an opportunity to encourage. Thank the Doctors and Nurses for being the healing hands of Jesus. Ask that the Great Physician use them in a mighty way.

8. It helps with confidentiality. I've becoming a better leader, because I'm listening more. Trying to be there, but not totally understanding and not trying to give out to the whole world what is, or isn't happening.

9. It helps you to depend on God more. Praying for God's Will to be done. Sometimes that has been the hardest prayer I've been praying. God let your will be done, and not mine. I would love to see healing, and God does heal; just sometimes not in the way I would like.

10. Hospital calls are to be short, concise and helps you to be a better leader. I usually have certain days I goto the hospital to visit. We need more Ministry minded leaders that are out making hospital calls: listening, praying, and learning what God is teaching them and others in the medical profession.

Other thoughts or ideas?

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