Thursday, March 26, 2009

So You want to get published ....

Here are some Helpful Hints.

1. Write what you know about.

2. Write all of your book / article / manuscript first.

3. Proofread and have someone proofread it for you.

4. Re-write your material.

5. Do your research well. Research how to get published, ask other authors, write often, get exposure. Writing on your blog doesn't count as being a "Published" author. Attend seminars on being a published. The National Youth Worker's Convention use to have a great seminar entitled: "so you want to get published..."

6. Be patient - get guidelines from a variety of publishers and submit your manuscript. Follow-up though. Just because you haven't heard from them - doesn't mean they're interested in your work, in fact the opposite is usually true.

7. Sometimes self-publishing is the way to go and get your foot in the door.

8. Start small. Write for magazines, journals at first. Know the INs and OUTs of the Publishing industry. Just because you wrote an great devotional for your Summer camp, doesn't mean the Youth Ministry World will be excited about it.

9. Write a good proposal. Why would people want to read your book? what experience do you have? What are some books that are comparable in market? If you say this is a unique idea ... try again ... search google and amazon for comparable books and publishers.

10. Keep it simple. Don't try to make the publishing process too complex. If at first you don't succeed - try and try again.

Some Resources:

Book Publishing advice

How to get published Guide

Having a Website etc for your book

Vantage Press

You can buy this book: The Complere Idiot's Guide to getting Published

Ten Simple Rules for getting published

How to Get published article by Adam Mclane
Good insight for those in the youth ministry field.

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