Monday, January 12, 2009

Tract Ministry - I don't get it!

Got this tract in my door this weekend. The other side basically gave their version of plan of salvation and the local Fundamentalist church. (They actually have fundamental in their name)

Now my questions are:

1. How many people actually are going to respond to something like this?

2. Why waste time and paper?

3. Like I'm really convicted over this?

4. This is almost "Junk"

The way to present Jesus is to be Jesus to people; not this "Hey do you know where you end up if you were to die tonite?" Fact is Jesus doesn't say "If you were to die tonite would you be ready?" He says: Repent, Follow, deny.

Weird that an obsolete method seems so cutting edge for some people. SAD thing is I saw teens passing these out!

Am I off my rocker? Do you think tracts work?


Dan said...

I once saw a tract for tract ministry. It was priceless.

theoquest said...

I'm reading Kimball's "They Like Jesus but not the Church" right now. This kind of stuff is a great example of things churches do to reinforce the negative stereotypes that people have of us.

Bernard Shuford said...

The biggest problem I have with tracts is this...

"If you've handed out tracts, you've been witnessing."

"If you've not handed out tracts, you're not a witness."

I maintain that handing out tracts is often an abuse of God's resources. They have a place, but I'm not a fan.

Some people have been saved because they read a tract. Praise God - it's just proof that He even uses misplaced effort. It's similar to what Paul said - no matter who preaches the Gospel, I rejoice that it is preached.

However, I don't think tracts are "the litmus test" of witnessing.

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