Monday, February 18, 2008

Break a leg or Fire a Friend?

Topic discussion here

Tried to post a response but couldn't after several tries. So here are my thoughts from the above discussion.

Can someone define pulling your weight?

This topic concerns me for several reasons:

1. You would fire a friend so easily without giving room to improve, reconciliation(sp),
2. Expectations and evaluation.
3. The church seems to be seen more as an institution and business here rather than forgiving and helping relationships and the Body of Christ and the Kingdom as a whole.
4. It seems to be the easy way out. Fire someone rather than invest and try to change them. Heck, can you imagine Jesus firing Judas because Jesus knew he would betray him?
5. The ego and pride of the overseers seems rather arrogant does it not? No wonder some power hungry pastors fire some poor young kid because the pastor feels threatened by the youth pastor or the youth pastor's youth group isn't growing overnite or like mega church down the road.
6. Where is God in this?
7. How do you define pulling your weight again? Numbers? Growth overnite? Like mega church down the road! What? By whose standards?
8. It concerns me that some people are so easily to throw aside a friendship without consulting and working at it?
9. Where is the grace?
10. Where is the time for repenting and to be changed and transformed? Isn't that whay ministry is about.

Again ...I'm kind of surprised but not really. With so many leaving ministry and so many youth workers being FIRED without second thought nor any real consequences ... I think the trend of disregard and disrespect for young pastors will continue unfortunately!

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Amy said...

I'd rather break a leg...any time. Heck, I'd rather have my leg broken then even have a friend fired (unfairly).

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